Angler Fencing recommends a few things you can do before starting your project:

* Property Lines – Find the property corners or agree with neighbors about the exact line. Please mark the line.

* Fence Layout and Sprinklers – Plan the fence into the yard and sprinkler design. For instance, the fence may disect a 180 degree (or half circle)spray pattern so you will need two 90 degree or ¼ circle heads. If the sprinklers are already installed some spray pattern changes will likely need to be made.

* Share fencing costs with Neighbors – Fair neighbors will split the cost of a shared fence; however, they often need a few weeks to make their decision and get funding. Don’t be shy; a short conversation can save you lots of money. Beware, some stubborn neighbors don’t want to share fairly, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for even just a smaller than equal amount.

* Getting a quote – Angler Fencing provides free quotes, which includes measuring the fence. Phone quotes are possible if you provide clear measurements. Measure the length of each individual side, gate widths and relative gate position in relation to the side. Look for obstacles, topography changes, soil type, access difficulties such as trees and brush, changing or steep slope, rocky ground, and utilities that may be in the way. Feel free to fax or email a diagram. Phone quotes can be pretty close, but I always like to meet my customers before the job and get an onsite look.

* Turn off sprinklers the day before fence work starts so ground will be firmer and more dry.

* A few other things to consider – construction work is permanent so planning is essential. As far as fencing goes consider extra gates for future use like RV & boat parking or for kids to have access to friends yards, short cuts, or wild areas. Use metal posts on wood privacy fences.

* Materials for do it “your-selfers” – If you want to build your own fence, Angler Fencing provides materials packages. AVOID buying fence and sprinkler materials from big box stores, they sell inferior quality stuff.