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Quick hints for chosing contractors

  1. Ask questions. Ask about materials and construction methods and also be open to contactors
    expert advice
  2. Make sure all contractors are bidding the same things.
    1. Material description – Some contactors make a habit of quoting the cheapest price by using inferior materials. Get a materials description of all the major parts.
    2. Construction description – as with materials, ask how a contractor might actually build something; usually there is the fast cheap way and then the correct way.
    3. Changing the job – As a customer getting advice from several contractors you may change the job parameters from your original plan. Please let the all the contractors know of the changes before the final bid.
  3. Change orders and upgrades – One sales gimmick is to provide a basic cheap bid then later charge a lot for any upgrades (making the job more expensive than competitors with total complete job bids ) Angler Fencing provides complete written bids so you know the whole exact cost, including taxes and permits, without surprise charges.
  4. Again ask questions – review and clarify the quotes.