This is my list of things to consider when building a house. I have noticed many people miss doing some very basic things when building. Basically, think of how you will actually use your house; a few simple things might make daily living much easier, more efficient and cheaper. I have added some stuff that my seem excessive, but the real cost to value they bring might be worth it. Running wire and pipe before sheet rock is easier than after.

Electrical and other wiring – wiring is cheap at the framing stage so do the extra

Yard Sprinkler plan

Landscaping plan

Build it Right

Traffic Flow

Air Flow

Lighting – Can make the atmosphere

Solar and wind – Advances are being made so that these might be more common in the future

Fire Place (if real wood burner)


Things to consider

General – Always think of realistic life. How will traffic flow impact dirtiness and sound? Where will people actually hang out? (not in formal living rooms) and how will that affect others? Does the kitchen have more than one effective work area? Does the garage have space to conveniently store gear, yard tools, and still comfortably open the car door? Is there a good mix of shade and sun areas for different times of year? Your home needs to be comfortable for two people or 12 for dinner at any time of the year.